Free images for everybody – we are live!

Free images for everybody – we are live!

19. August 2015 - by Hendrik Luehrsen

It is with great pleasure, that we announce our new service:! It is no secret, that great imagery is vitally important for great design, so now we’re bringing you these images – for free!

Creative Commons – Public Domain

Over the last years the creative commons movement gained traction and more and more artists followed the trend of committing their work to public domain. We believe that this will contribute to making the web a better, more beautiful place.

That is why we built this service for free images.

But we don’t want to be one of many. There are several aspects, that will make superior to many other sites out there. Not only do we curate the images and publish only the creme de la creme. Every image is carefully tagged for better discoverability and every photographer is named and honored.

Every free image uploaded here will be under the creative commons public domain license. So every image will be free to use for whatever purpose you want!

We are always keen for improvement and new artists, that publish their work under the creative commons public domain license. If you have any feedback or tips for great, free images, drop us a mail at!

Free Images for your WordPress Blog

Free Images with a WordPress PluginBut we saved the real catch for the end: A very own WordPress Plugin, for FREE! So in the future you don’t even have to visit our website to implement great, free images. Just add them from the WordPress backend and concentrate on what’s important: Your content!

The plugin will be available in the coming days in the WordPress repository. It will be easy to install right from your WordPress backend. And the great part is the way our plugin works! The free images show up right in your media browser. No extra pages, no obstructions, everything perfectly in line with the usual WordPress workflows. Isn’t that great?